DUNKIRK: A Story that Not All Heroes Go Home

Okay. I saw Dunkirk. Cynic that I am, that movie really got me like this:

I don’t get emotional while at the movies. With this movie? I almost did. But I didn’t. Dunkirk is a story about survival. Not the kind of James Bond survival but real-life survival. It’s a story about heroes. And Christopher Nolan concluded this masterpiece with a scene that screams “Not all heroes go home” and for a moment, I sat in the darkness of the cinema during the Credits part of the movie replaying the scene I saw and painting a picture of what could have been, in my head.

Christopher Nolan has done a film about the Second World War and the movie made a splendid attempt to remind the whole world of what war feels like. It wasn’t the story alone though but the way Chris told the story particularly from three different perspectives: the sea, the air and the land. Chris made a movie that makes the viewer feel engaged. As a matter of fact, his attempt to make you, the viewer feel the emotion that the protagonists must have felt that fateful day in 1940 in my opinion was successful.

The many failed attempts to be rescued; the sheer number of lives that were lost – simply wiped out like they never existed; the way more than 400, 000 men stood on the shore waiting – in the words of Chris – in the hope that they will be rescued – they were nothing but sitting ducks.

I believe Chris would have made his audience cry if he had given more cinematic effect to the dismembered bodies of the young soldiers.

Delivered with cinematic brilliance, it is a movie that will make you want to reread and if you haven’t already done so, to at least attempt to read up the true events that took place that year 1940 on the shores of Dunkirk, France. Trust me, if you want a movie that truly delivers this summer, then Dunkirk it is.


For this movie, I give an 8/10.


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4 thoughts on “DUNKIRK: A Story that Not All Heroes Go Home

    1. Thanks Oluwaseyi. Dunkirk is really a great movie. On this site, you are assured of objective reviews. Please do kindly check back for more movie reviews and dont forget to share with your friends.


  1. This brings home a lot of issues that border around clashing views and clashing arms at home. In retrospect, all the opposing sides coexist peacefully, we all know that France, Germany and UK are all buddies, save for the UK who just left the brotherhood of the EU without firing a single shot! I believe we should emulate this at home. The ballot is most economical and responsible way to express very strong opposing views without firing a single shot so let’s save ourselves and our nation a lot of suffering. Instead, we could relax and watch this great movie and learn the lessons of war in peace. Nice one Mister Tade.


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