Picture Perfect: Is the Picture really Perfect?


Are you a Lagosian? Are you interested in seeing a movie on the big screen in high picture quality that is a representation of life in your city? A movie that you can see on the big screen and say, “Yes, that was me” or “Yes, that could have been me”? Then, Picture Perfect is that movie.

Produced by Tope Alake, executively produced by Mary Remmy Njoku who also starred as Kumbi, Picture Perfect is a story of love and comedy and an almost ridiculous attempt to prove that something good could come out of Nazareth – that the regular agbero could be a good father. But then, there are agberos and there are agberos and I wouldn’t want to stereotype all agberos.

Biodun Stephen will make the Lagosian have the occasional laughter especially when the opening scene was Ninalowo starring as Jobé trying to hassle money from a conductor who is reluctant to part to part with his money. The shouts of “Ojota, Ojota, Ojota” in the movie will definitely bring a smile to your face.

In short, the movie is about agberos and the life of touts in Lagos, Nigeria. If you want to see a movie where an agbero gets to impregnate a tush girl after a drunken one-night stand after the same agbero had boasted that he never went anywhere without his condoms, then get to the movies and go have a good laugh.


Movie Rating: 6.5/10

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