Isoken: Challenges of a 34-year-old Naija Single Girl


Did you see The Wedding Party when it was showing in cinemas across Nigeria? Did you observe the picture quality and the brilliant way the story was pieced together by the writer and the producer of that movie? Did you have a good laugh when seeing the movie? Did you eventually fall in with The Wedding Party? I bet you did. If you did, then you will love Isoken.

Isoken combines wit, a good and relatable story with comic relief. As a matter of fact, that movie is classified as a satire by me. Besides, its story is centered around a prevailing situation in Nigeria and perhaps Africa. That awesome moment when you are 34 and unmarried and your mother makes it a point to pray that you find a husband at every opportunity she gets (Naija single girls within that age bracket can relate). In fact, some mothers go to the extent of being so antagonistic that they estrange their daughters and Tina Mba starring as Mama Isoken did a brilliant representation of the typical Nigerian mother who wouldn’t let her aging daughter rest until she brought a man home.

The absurdity of wanting one’s child to get married at all cost came to a head when Joseph Benjamin (as Osaze), a rich and fine looking dude, the dream-man of many women, proposed to Isoken (Dakore Akande) and it wasn’t her that said Yes but all her friends and family members (that was because her heart wasn’t so sure of Osaze). Eventually, she broke the engagement to that rich and fine looking dude and settled for an oyinbo. Roboskirobobobo Jesu.

Nevertheless, Jadesola Osiberu passed important lesson across to her audience: that you should not yield to societal pressures by getting married to someone who your heart wasn’t okay with just because your parents wanted you to be married before you’re 40. Marry the person who makes you happy! In any event, isn’t it happiness that matters in life? If you are 34, a female, unmarried, have attended the weddings of most or all of your friends, don’t give up. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Your happiness is what matters. On a more serious note, go see the movie if you haven’t, you will laugh and you will learn a thing or two.

Isoken starred your favourite Nollywood actors and actresses like Dakore Akande, Funke Akindele, Joseph Benjamin, Mark Rhys, Patrick Doyle, NEDU, Damilola Adegbite, Baolanle Olukanmi amongst others.


Movie Rating: 7/10

6 thoughts on “Isoken: Challenges of a 34-year-old Naija Single Girl

  1. I have not seen the movie but this review is making me question why I have not yet. Brilliant review, I hope the film sums up to it though.


  2. What’s the fuss about this marriage thing sef?
    Is it an end to a means or a means to an end?
    Can we move back a little, perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of the never happy ending marriages.

    Family and Friends seem to want the best for her (Isoken) but hardly took a minute to understand that she has a dream to fulfill, a life to live, a future to explore , & happiness she deserves.

    Can we turn the table around a lil from the norm, and focus on the helping that ‘girl’ find the happiness she deserves & desires…

    Great Movie! Thumbs up to cast and crew members.

    I would rate 8/10 if mistertade wouldn’t mind


    1. bethadebayo, thanks for dropping by and dropping your comment. You are absolutely right. The idea behind the movie was all that: that everyone is entitled to be happy on their own terms. Please don’t forget to always drop by for more interesting reviews.

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