Asurf Oluseyi’s movie, Hakkunde is set to hit Naija cinema screens this week’s August 4, 2017.

Shot on locations in Lagos and Kaduna, Hakkunde is an intriguing story of a young graduate who battles everything including love, family, discrimination, drug abuse, tradition and insecurity. It follows his  journey to self-discovery and actualization.

The story is characterized by actions and reactions that define the everyday Nigerian society, with its ups and downs and with particular focus on the life of a job hunting graduate  who eventually discovered himself  while searching for a job and a better life.

The movie starred Frank Donga (famous for his stint in Ndani TV’s The Interview:Salary and his role as driver in The Wedding Party), Toyin Aimakhu (Alakada Reloaded), Seyi Law and Ali Nuhu (Ojukokoro (Greed)) amongst others.

It promises to be educative and entertaining.

Here’s the trailer:


  1. Looking forward to August 4.
    Who wants to come with me?
    Bills on you though but I will be kind to share my popcorn(winks)
    I am kinda expecting the story goes a lil different from the usual trailers that show it all


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