SLOW COUNTRY: What is Slow About the Country?

If you ever wanted to see a movie that was all action from the first minute to the last, then this movie is it. Slow Country is a Nigerian action-drama film, directed and produced by Eric Aghimien (Director of A Mile from Home). It tells the story of a homeless teenage mother, Ivie Okujaye (Make a Move) as Kome who gets herself trapped in prostitution and drug trafficking for seven years in order to secure a good life for her son, decides to quit but her boss, a ruthless human and drug trafficker, Sambasa Nzeribe as Tuvi (The Wedding Party and A Mile from Home) is not ready to let go of his trusted cash cow.

In summary, here’s my thoughts on Slow Country:


The theme of the movie centres around prostitution, drugs trafficking, kidnapping, human trafficking and love. It brings home, in clear pictures, the life of a drug lord and someone who runs a prostitution ring. The question is whether Eric Aghimien did in-depth research into the life of a drug lord and one who also runs a prostitution ring because of the story gaps apparent in the movie. If Eric didn’t, we will just have to forgive him and concentrate on the other things that made Slow Country a good movie. So, if you can’t really dig, then, it isn’t exactly your fault.

The Casts:

Ivie Ikujaye as Kome, did a good job as the lead prostitute and mother of one. But was her performance stellar? Well, perhaps. But that role may have better fitted Oge Okoye (Blackberry Babes) better. Or at least, Gina Castel (as Ola) whose performance as assistant prostitute was splendid. The hesitancy with which Ivie Ikujaye uttered some of her speeches and the emotions she showed that were misplaced or not up to par almost ruined that movie.

Sambasa Nzeribe as Tuvi, outdid himself in this movie together with the others who acted as gangsters and gang lords. He displayed the emotions that one would imagine of an imaginary gang lord or perhaps a real life one (dunno if you have seen a real life one though).

Of all the acts in that movie, I doff my heart for the young boy, Adebayo Thomas as Peter, to whom I will give the award of “Best Performance” for delivering a stellar performance. In fact, the small boy of six seemed more aware of his role as the single child of a prostitute than his mother together with the accompanying emotions and facial expressions. He even offered his mother a shoulder to cry on a number of occasions when it should have been the other way around. But that’s forgivable, there are some mothers who ain’t emotionally as strong as their six-year olds.

In Summary:

Eric has put together a splendid story in Slow Country and with emphasis on making the movie a fully action packed one, there won’t be one dull second as story begins slowly and eventually explodes into a suspense-filled final climax. Apparently, Eric paid more attention to the movie effects, the realness of the gunshots and grenades (for which he has never yet once failed to deliver) than the performance of his casts. If you want a movie that delivers on action, this is it.

Kudos & Knocks


  1. Mind blowing graphics and movie effects


  1. Average performance by the casts.
  2. Not sure how relevant the title is.

In the end, it wasn’t such a bad movie and the efforts of Eric Aghimien must be acknowledged. He surely delivered on making the movie an action-packed movie that is way closer home than Hollywood movies but this movie could have been better.

Movie Rating: 4/10

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