Movie Review (Alter Ego): Is it Worth Your Time and Penny?

alter ego

Okay, this review should have come a while back but here we are at last with Alter Ego, a movie starring Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Kunle Remi, Wale Ojo, Emem Inwang, Elvina Ibru, Jide Kosoko, Victor Olaotan, Esther Eyibio and and a host of others targeted at the incessant cases of sexually abused females in Nigeria particularly minors.

Why you must see the movie:

  1. The video clarity is awesome. Naija movies showing at the cinemas these days are anyways.
  2. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and the other actors displayed awesome artistry in the execution of their characters.
  3. The movie addressed one very important ill of the Nigerian society: the sexual abuse and molestation of young females. In reality, it appears that abused young females have no-one to fight for them. In fact, there are many abused female children out there who don’t have a voice, are too terrified to speak out or are simply lost as one of the numerous cases of “what did you too wear to Baba Mukai’s place?” For crying out loud, you don’t want to imagine what female students face in the hands of their male teachers or those females in IDP camps in the hands of their benefactors
  4. Alter Ego evokes sympathy at the fate of these helpless ones in the hands of sexual predators e.g. that scene about the pastor preying on a woman’s vulnerability simply to have sex with her in the name of the Holy Spirit will use me to put baby inside you!
  5. The storyline flows. As in, the story weaves in and out with amazing precision and have I mentioned emotionally charged?
  6. The court scenes are among the best near rendition of the way argument is taken in Nigerian courts. All the arguments were on point o. Three gbosas for Elvina Ibru.
  7. After the movie, you will sadly become aware that although cases of sexual abuse are brought up on daily basis in the media, there is an outstandingly poor record of convicting sexual assault and rape – with only roughly 10% of cases resulting in convictions according to
  8. If you have been having sexual fantasies about Omotola all your life, in this movie, you get to see her live on the big screen in some steamy sex scenes.

Why you may not want to see the movie:

  1. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde didn’t use water-proof make-up in the movie. Her face was all messed up after the crying bout where she was recounting that she was sexually abused as a child.
  2. The story focuses too much on the female folk. Although, attention shifted to the men when Wale Ojo, the philanthropist cum rapist wanted to confront Omotola with his past by screaming that he was also sexually molested as a child. Omotola screamed in incredulity. Whether at the fact that it was impossible to sexually molest a male or at the fact that if he had been sexually molested as a child, it wasn’t sufficient a reason to go about sexually preying on other vulnerable persons, you may need to go find out for yourself.
  3. Omotola (as Miss Ada) ends up being trailed by a sister she had betrayed and it appears that the movie has a similar ending to Ojukokoro but with a twist. Seemed like the producer wanted to end the movie in a suspense-filled manner. How successful? Can’t say.

All said, it is a good movie and worth your time and penny.

Here’s Mister Tade’s ratings:

Visuals – 8/10

Content: 8/10

Performance of cast: 8/10

And lastly, here’s Alter Ego’s trailer:



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