Review of Hakkunde, the Movie


Relevance of Content: 9/10

Quality of video: 9/10

Performance of casts: 9/10

Plot: 8/10


Hakkunde is an intriguing story of a young jobless graduate who battles everything (including love, family, discrimination, culture, tradition and self) on his journey to self-discovery and actualization. Frank Donga (as Akande or Hakkunde) believed that his relevance lay only in getting a N150,000-paying job in Lagos and after years of futile job search and losing his girlfriend goes to Kaduna in search of greener pasture.

Should you see Hakkunde?

  1. The video quality is superb.
  2. The female Hausa casts are beautiful e.g. Rahama Sadau (as Aisha) and Maryam Booth (as Binta)
  3. Hakkunde is a balance of comedy and drama. As a matter of fact, Frank Donga and all the casts are at their best giving you the comical side to an otherwise serious situation but not failing to deliver the full doses of the seriousness of the themes that the movie chooses to address.
  4. Half way through the movie, it almost begins to seem like you are watching a Kannywood movie but no worries, Hakkunde is fully subtitled and Hausa never sounded more beautiful.
  5. Oh! The movie is addresses real life situations. The life of a graduate that had been searching for job for years. Many Nigerians will relate especially to the way Akande’s aunt, Toyin Abraham always took advantage of Akande’s joblessness to turn him to a houseboy. Can’t blame her though, that’s the reality. It’s really not that easy to get a job in Lagos afterall.
  6. You will learn a lot of lessons. Hakkunde is theme-packed. From the ‘mouthed’ way of an average Yoruba aunt to the Hausa trader who doesn’t know anything about Facebook to the Hausa community that ignorantly ostracized an educated woman simply because her three husbands died of Sickle Cell pneumonia (they thought she was a witch and had eaten her husbands) to the differences in culture (Frank Donga was almost killed at a pub where he was digging the dancefloor with another’s wife, unknown to him, of course)
  7. Hakkunde will inspire you, especially if you are a job seeker . Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear. You simply must dig deep inside of you and bring out the gold that is there.
  8. The movie takes you on a tour of two very beautiful cities in Nigeria: Lagos and Kaduna.

Why you may not want to see Hakkunde:

  1. One or two errors in the subtitling.
  2. The failure of the movie to completely develop its Sickle Cell Anemia subplot. If Ali Nuhu, as doctor, had sensitized his viewers about Sickle Cell Anemia, the movie would have been perfect. Nevertheless, Oluseyi Asurf’s Hakkunde did not fail to deliver.

To conclude, have you ever been to see a movie and after waiting till the lights came on (people hardly do that in Lagos cinemas these days) you feel like cheering or giving an ovation to the writer of the script, the producers, the directors and the entire cast of that movie? Hakkunde is that movie! As at the time of writing this review, Hakkunde has picked up an award at the IndieFEST Awards.

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:


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