my wife and i

If you haven’t seen the movie, My Wife & I, I suggest you close this page right away and go to the nearest cinema and see the movie. Then, you can come back and read this review and maybe you will agree with this review. I am not responsible for your feelings after seeing My Wife & I though.

So, without much ado let’s go straight into seeing what My Wife & I had for us. First, you must know that that movie had a lot of senrenre in the sense that it was like all over Lagos on billboards. In short, it was like the most anticipated movie after Isoken.

  1. The opening scenes of My Wife & I:

meme 1.jpg

Especially when Seyi Law (Pastor Theophilus) was praying for the couple having marital troubles and who had come to him in search of solution to their marital woes. You have to give him the other hole… Seyi Law wee not kee someborry.

2. As the movie progresses:meme 2

No head, no tail. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know where the movie was headed. I was as confused as the protagonist-couple: they didn’t know who was who. Ramsey didn’t know who was Ramsey and Omoni didn’t know who was Omoni. My confusion? I just wasn’t getting what the movie was all about.

3. As the plot continued to unfold:


That moment when you wonder what you are doing at the movies but you remember that it was you who paid for the tickets and purchased popcorn for yourself and your date. So you can’t scream What the heck is this?!!

4. At the end:


When you can’t seem to understand why the most anticipated movie turned out the way it did.

5. And Brymo’s song was the closing sound-track:


That song was clear and refreshing. Alas! it was the only happy break in a boring and monotonous movie.

6. When somebody asks Mister Tadé if he has seen My Wife & I:


7. There were lessons to be learnt in that movie though. My Wife & I succeeded in passing some lessons across even though it had poor way of doing it and that’s exactly the problem with the movie. In short, Bunmi Ajakaiye and Chinaza Onuzo told a good story in a bad way.


8. My Wife & I featured your favourite casts: Omoni Oboli, Ramsey Nouah, Seyi Law, Sambasa Nzeribe, Rachel Oniga and a host of others. You are in love with them? Then you will love the movie. But please don’t ask for a rating.

9. Finally,


Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:


  1. Tade you can’t abhor this movie as much as I do. On top of that I was angry with the movie my lil’ brother was nagging me for buying the ticket for him. The film is officially on top of my top Ten Nigerian movies NOT to see. Okafor’s law coming right behind it


  2. I don save my money mistertade – I should have watched Hakkunde since your review of it was far better,so i’ll buy the DVD insted. This proves that we should not always believe the press and truth is always stranger than fiction. So Mistertade what did you learn from this movie?


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